Crunchy Mama Store

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What is Crunchy Mama?

How the Crunchy Mama Store began 

I am a mama of four and a prior preschool teacher/owner who was born and raised in California. I found myself embarking upon on a soul searching journey to be more proactive in reducing the amount of chemicals, toxins and "junk" surrounding me and my children's everyday life. Having grew up in a family with a life long history and background of studying and working in Alternative Medicine, it was almost natural for me to be drawn into the research, knowledge and lifestyle change of organic sustainable living. 

So what is a "Crunchy Mom?" I think the term itself originated as a bit of a joke, but in essence it means mamas who are all for doing things the natural way. We are in no way perfect, but we strive for living a life that can reduce the amount of toxins, chemicals and overall a longer sustainable life for us, our children and the environment. 

I think every mom at some point when navigating through this journey of discovering what toxins and chemicals are present in our everyday life, begins to ask; "how can I be a more efficient "crunchy mama?"  There are so many challenges and temptations we face along the way of trying to go green and healthy! One of the biggest challenges I faced was having access to organic and natural product options without endlessly searching for them in different stores or online websites. 

I would find one product at one place and another online, only for me to return to that very store again to repurchase it and it not be in stock or my favorite, "its no longer available". I began stock piling our "must have" items that I knew me and my friends were constantly in need of and or saving all of my favorite sources and sites on where I found these items. I finally decided to take the plunge at the end  of 2018 and further my passion for natural healing and products and open a retail space that was designed just for that. I kept the thought in mind that "I am forever a student even though I am a teacher." I am always open to learning and reading about new things, products, foods and ideas.

I feel that an open mind and an open heart is what is the driving force to embark on the journey of becoming a "Crunchy Mama." I highly encourage any mama who is seeking to find healthier options for her, her family and her baby to come in and check us out! We were made to be in community, and that starts with us working together, leaving all judgement at the door and helping one another learn and discover new things!